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Are you looking for a Local Residential Dementia Care homes Leicester ?. Elliott Dementia residential care home in Leicester, Leicestershire provides quality services at affordable prices. Elliott’s have an excellent team, which provides round the clock services to our residents. Elliott Dementia care homes Leicester specialises in Dementia residential care homes services. Our staff members are well trained in caring and helping residents living with Dementia. We believe individuals living with Dementia can live a happy life, if the people around them understand their needs and unique requirements.

If you would like to know more about dementia care packages and dementia care costs, please feel free to contact us. To learn more about care plans and Elliott residential care homes Leicester services, please carry on reading or just call us today.

What is Dementia?

Lets understand what is dementia ?. Dementia is a brain related disorder broadly used to describe a range of progressive neurological disorders. Dementia is of many types, and mainly affects people over the age of 65. It can also affect young people and it is called young-onset dementia. Dementia affects your brain and the ability to remember things and perform tasks. Some of the symptoms of dementia are:

Memory loss
Difficulty in planning daily tasks
Confusion with place or time
Problems when speaking and understanding things
Poor judgement
Changes in personality and mood
Withdrawal from social interaction
Work related issues
Confusion with reading and writing
Thinking speed may be reduced
Misplacing things and losing the ability to retrace them

Types of dementia

Some of the common types of dementia are:

  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Vascular Dementia
  • Frontotemporal Dementia
  • Behavioural variant FTD (bvFTD)
  • Corticobasal degeneration
  • Primary Progressive Aphasia
  • Progressive Supranuclear Palsy
  • Dementia with Lewy Bodies
  • Korsakoff’s syndrome
  • Huntington’s disease related dementia
  • Posterior Cortical Atrophy.

To find out more about dementia, please visit this website for more information:

Elliott’s specialised trained staff for Dementia care

As a professional Dementia care home provider, we try our best to make the life of residents living with Dementia better by employing trained staff, who are specialised in Dementia care. Our in house training program helps new staff members to understand the needs and requirements of our residents as individuals. Elliott care home staff and the management work as a team with a common goal in mind “increased quality of life for our residents”. We organise regular activities and events which help our residents engage in the environment.

Residential dementia care homes Leicester UK

A home away from home in Leicester

Our desire is to make a home away from home for our residents. The Elliott dementia care home Leicester team prides themselves as the best care provider for individuals living with Dementia in Leicester. Our team members develop a bond with our care home residents; making them feel like they are a part of our extended family.

Dementia residential care homes security

We monitored around the clock and we make sure our residents feel secure at all times. Our premises is secured by CCTV cameras. Elliott dementia care home Leicester try to provide the best security and privacy to all our residents living with Dementia. Family and friends can come anytime to visits them, if they like to come in an unsocial hours than just need to inform staff members, no need to book an appointment.

Elliott Individual Care plan for Dementia residents

Every Dementia resident is different and require different level of care plan. We tailor an individual care plan according to the unique needs of each resident. The management team and staff members sit together and construct individual care plans. These types of individual plans help in improving our residents quality of life and chances of making an improvement to their outcomes. The idea behind this approach is to give our residents a home like feeling catered to their needs and requirements.

Short term Dementia care | Dementia Respite care in Leicester

If you are a primary carer and seeking a break from your duties for a short period. Elliott care homes Leicester can provide you a temporary break from your duties, so that you can enjoy some time away and recharge your batteries. To find out more about the dementia respite care and  short term dementia care services, please contact our care home team for more information.

Costs of Dementia Care home in Leicester?

Call us today and we can explain the funding options available and support you with paperwork. Some of the options are mean tested, which means some individuals may have to pay for their own care. If you want to know more about Dementia care homes costs, you can contact us on 0116-2544458 or email  elliott4648@yahoo.com to find out more.  Elliott care homes Leicester also provides Autism residential care home services in Leicester, mental health care home services and Learning disability care home services in Leicester, UK.

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